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Jimmy Mulidore

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News & Bio

Jimmy Mulidore was born and raised in Youngstown, OH.  He began taking music lesson as a child from Al Calderone.  By the time he  was fourteen he was playing shows in and around the Youngstown area.  Mulidore began playing with big names like Woody Herman and Billy May while still in high school.  After graduating, he continued his formal music education at Youngstown State, Ohio State and finally at Julliard in New York.
In 1957 Jimmy moved to Las Vegas to pursue his musical career.  Vegas provided Jimmy the opportunity to work with some of the biggest stars in the business.  He began working at the Sands Hotel and Casino with the Rat Pack - Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, and Dean Martin.  Then he moved to the Rancho Vegas, a real hot spot in the sixties.  By 1969, Jimmy was musical director at the Las Vegas Hilton.  He held this position for eighteen years.  Jimmy conducted for an array of stars while working as the musical director.  Among them were; Liberace, Barbara Striesand, Natalie Cole, Raquel Welch, Pearl Bailey and Louie Armstrong.  He also worked with Elvis.  One of his most memorable performances was Elvis' Closing Night at the Las Vegas Hilton when Elvis acknowledged Jimmy's outstanding flute solo in the American Trilogy.
After leaving the Hilton in 1987 Jimmy started touring as Jimmy Mulidore's Jazz All Stars.  This tour featured Jimmy's mentor and friend, Jazz legend, James Moody.   For nearly twenty years now Jimmy has been dedicated to playing Jazz.  He has played in Europe, Italy, Mexico and through out the United States. 
Jimmy attributes his love of music to Charlie Parker and John Coltrane.  Jimmy is an extremely talented musician.  As a soloist, ensemble player, composer and arranger, Jimmy Mulidore is one of the most versatile and diverse reed players in Jazz.